3P1 Case Study.
Global Testing Equipment Company.

3P1 developed an award-winning wireless stress and strain measurement system for concrete and building structures used in civil engineering projects.

Civil engineering projects like bridges and buildings of all types need their walls and substantial concrete structures to be made from bricks and mortar that are guaranteed not to fail mechanically.

For example, if a bridge is built without mixing enough cement with sand in the concrete mix. A bridge like this would simply crumble when lorries drive over it. The concrete must be able to stand the stresses and strains imposed upon it.

The challenges our product development solved.

The concrete testing device applies load to samples of concrete and measures stress and strain to failure. This enables assessment of the quality of concrete mix used in a structure – Weak mixes and all kinds of other mistakes will not stand up to this kind of rigorous testing. This critical testing needed to become more efficient and communicate its results more effectively. The starting point was an analogue gauge and no communications. Civil engineers had to hand-compile lengthy and time-consuming technical reports after every site visit.

3P1’s expert team took our client on a journey from:

· Mechanical measurement devices to automated reporting via wireless Bluetooth (BLE)

· Redevelopment of the electronics for the load cell measurement (difficulties with cost and performance from a previous supplier)

· We developed a full online remote servicing. (The device can now be used in Australia and send reports to England)

Key Areas of Expertise

IoT, BLE, Electronics, hardware, software, prototyping, mechanical engineering, load cell electronics development, PCBs, product development, innovation, invention, product design.

Our product’s key benefits:

  • Automation of the concrete testing process – Faster concrete testing and the ability to scale
  • Quicker and easier testing – Eliminating the requirement to calculate load forces manually
  • Automatic reporting – Reducing the manual work required and the need to write up reports manually
  • Connected reporting – Connected devices and the development of a remote reporting service sends reports anywhere in the world instantly

The combination of the testing devices and connected reporting system have optimised the way in which concrete structures are tested, making the process faster, easier, cheaper and more reliable.

Client Testemonial

“3P1 team are efficient and professional. Applying their expertise to this project has enabled civil engineers to speed up the way they work and become more efficient at testing concrete. It has revolutionised that process and we really value the product they designed and developed in partnership with us.”

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